If you want white fillings and live on The Sunshine Coast, then we can help you. Whether you have new cavities or want to replace old amalgam fillings, our dentists in Sippy Downs can give you great advice and the caring service you deserve.

White Fillings

If white fillings are recommended, we use a robust tooth-colored filling bonded to our patient’s teeth. If the area in question covers more than 60% of the biting surface of your tooth, or if there are visible cracks, your dentist may recommend a bespoke crown or inlay as a more effective restoration.

At Diamond Dental Care & Implant Centre we do not use mercury-silver fillings (amalgam)

We prefer to use modern white fillings over the older style silver coloured fillings that contain amalgam. Amalgam fillings contain mercury and thus expand and contract with heat. The surrounding tooth is brittle, so small; painless cracks may appear over time and split your tooth without warning – much like a shattering windscreen or breaking tile. When this happens, your tooth can sometimes be repaired, although it may require the expense of root canal treatment if the split extends to the nerve inside your tooth. However, when teeth split down the roots, they cannot be saved, and the shattered tooth fragments must be removed.

If any such cracks are identified during your regular examinations, we will discuss options to protect your tooth before it shatters.

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at (07) 5236 0652 for further information or advice on white fillings Sunshine Coast patients can have installed at our friendly dental clinic.