What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

Teeth implants are one of the best ways to fill the gaps left behind by missing teeth. There are many benefits of dental implants over other cosmetic dentistry options, and also general benefits of restoring your smile.

Some of the benefits dental implants provide include :

1. They look and feel great, just the same as real teeth

2. Speech is improved

3. Dentures can slip within your mouth and impede speech, cause mumbling or slurred words. This does not happen with a tooth implant

4. Dental implants are comfortable. Just like your own teeth, they do not move and there are no clasps that can change shape or bend

5. Eating is easier, as you have all your teeth back to chew food properly

6. Improved self esteem. Dental implants can look even better than your old teeth. You will be proud of your smile again

7. Implant crowns and bridges are convenient, as there is no need to take them out your mouth for additional cleaning. They function just as your original teeth do

8. Dental implants are very durable. A well fitted and well looked after tooth implant can last a lifetime

9. Improved oral health. When you have implants, they do not affect the surrounding teeth like a dental bridge can. They also protect gums from damage that can be caused when a gap is left in your teeth

Benefits Of Choosing Diamond Dental Care And Implant Centre

Our highly experienced Dentists take pride in helping our patients in Sippy Downs with their dental implant journey. We can help you make the right decision to replace any missing teeth you may have. We can present you with many options, depending on the outcome you want and your budget. These also include dentures, crowns and bridges. We will not try to talk you into getting implants if it is not the choice you want to make. Ultimately, we will review your current dental situation and identify any areas of concern, then provide you with the options suitable to help you on the road to dental health. You control the treatment choices after we have provided you with all options.

One of the benefits of getting your dental implants in our clinic is that we offer the full service from one location, with the same dentist. We also offer sleep dentistry if preferred for more complex procedures. This can reduce the number of visits required, saving time and money for our patients. We also have a useful page on the cost of dental implants, and how we can help make them more affordable for many patients.

We are conveniently located near the junction of the Sunshine Motorway and the Bruce Highway. Contact us if you would like to know anything else about our dental implant procedures.