Celebrating the Winners of Project Smile: Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time with Diamond Dental Care & Implant Centre

Diamond Dental Care & Implant Centre, located in Sunshine Coast, is thrilled to announce the winners of Project Smile. Belinda and John have been chosen to receive life-changing dental smile makeovers, thanks to the dedicated team led by Dr Doug and our exceptional team. Let’s explore their inspiring stories and the profound impact this project will have on their lives.

The Story Behind Belinda and John’s Smile

Belinda: A Selfless Mother’s Journey

Belinda, a devoted single mother, has always put her children’s needs before her own. Her dental health suffered as a result, leading to a lack of confidence and social discomfort. Belinda’s daughter nominated her for Project Smile, hoping to see her mother regain her self-assurance and experience the joy of a beautiful smile, with the support of Diamond Dental Care & Implant Centre.

John-Reid: A Man of Love and Dedication

John is a dedicated father who has embraced both his biological and non-biological children with unwavering love. Despite facing negative experiences at work because of his smile, he remains a pillar of strength for his family. Recognising his resilience, John’s partner and children nominated him for Project Smile, with the compassionate team at Diamond Dental Care & Implant Centre eager to boost his self-esteem and restore his confidence.

Diamond Dental Care & Implant Centre has been transforming lives for 14 years, spreading happiness and smiles throughout the Sunshine Coast community. Our commitment to dental excellence and compassionate care has made Project Smile possible, allowing us to make a positive difference in the lives of Belinda and John.

Follow Their Journey with Diamond Dental Care & Implant Centre

Stay connected with Diamond Dental Care & Implant Centre through our social media channels as we share the inspiring journey of Belinda and John’s smile transformations. Witness the incredible work of Dr. Doug, Dr Luke, Dr Josh, Dr Stacey  and our wonderful team, and see how the power of a smile can change lives.

Together, we are spreading joy and changing lives with the power of a smile in the Sunshine Coast community. Let their stories inspire us all to keep smiling and making a positive impact, one smile at a time, with the support of Diamond Dental Care & Implant Centre.

Diamond Dental Care & Implant Center has just celebrated serving our Community for 14 years.

As a thank you to our Community for all the support shown, we are giving back by offering Project Smile, giving a deserving person in our Community a Smile Makeover.

March 2023 Update: Our team is now finalising the finalist.

Are you or do you know somebody deserving of a Smile Makeover?

How would you or a friend, work colleague or family member feel to be able to smile confidently, help eat easier and perhaps even change an entire life?

It’s easy to NOMINATE NOW and help create a Smile that will change a life forever from the Team at Diamond Dental Care & Implant Centre.

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Good luck and thank you for joining!