Smile Reconstruction Dentist Sunshine Coast

Reconstruction of your smile through composite bonding is one of the simplest, but most impactful, procedures we can undertake for our patients. In just one visit you can have a wonderful new smile! Who wouldn’t look forward to that.

Composite bonding involves the aesthetic placement of tooth-coloured plastic material (composite resin) onto the teeth to enhance their colour, shape or size. It is more affordable than porcelain crowns and veneers, making composite bonding an ideal option if cost is a significant factor.

Over time your teeth will almost certainly require further maintenance (unlike porcelain crowns and veneers) but this smile reconstruction process is still a popular and effective option for many clients. As the technology continues to advance, we expect to see smile makeovers become more popular and perhaps even more affordable too.

Please contact our friendly team on (07) 5477 0889 for further information or advice about reconstructing your smile after an accident or dental issues.