Sugay Savvy – Read the Label

Did you know if you drink fruit juice, the recommended serving size is 125ml of 100% fruit juice?
Eating whole fruits and drinking water is a better choice for healthy teeth and for your overall health too.

Just because a product is advertised with “No Added Sugar” does not mean it is sugar free. Sugar is a naturally occurring part of many foods we eat and consider as healthy options, such as fruit. “No Added Sugar”, could really be an alert that the product contains sugar loaded ingredients.

Natural vs added sugar. Can they affect my teeth the same?

Yes. However, foods such as fruit and milk are made up of small amounts of natural sugars as well as fibre, vitamins and minerals which are good for the body. Milk also includes calcium, which can help to protect the teeth and bones. Processed foods with large quantities of added sugar often have no or limited nutritional value.