Preparing for Orthodontic Emergencies During the Holidays

Do you have a plan for orthodontic emergencies? It’s a wise idea for anyone with braces or parents of teenagers with braces to be prepared in case something unexpected occurs with their orthodontic appliance, especially during the holiday season. Addressing any issues promptly can prevent delays in achieving that eagerly awaited “Braces Off Day.”

Tips for Dealing with Minor Orthodontic Problems:

The most common orthodontic issues for those with braces include broken or loose brackets, wires poking at the back of the mouth, brackets irritating the lips or cheeks, and occasional toothaches. Here’s what you can do for these minor problems at home:

Poking wire: You can often use a pencil eraser to gently push the protruding wire out of the way. Orthodontic wax can also be applied to cover the ends, reducing irritation to the gums or cheeks. If needed, we can clip the wire ends for you during your next appointment.

Toothaches and soreness: These discomforts are typically temporary, especially after an adjustment. Eating soft foods and rinsing with warm salt water can help. Over-the-counter pain relievers can also provide relief. If the discomfort persists beyond a couple of days, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Broken bracket: Unfortunately, this issue cannot be fixed at home. Contact us immediately to schedule a repair appointment. Delaying the repair until your next regular appointment can extend your treatment time.

General Preparedness: Consider assembling a braces emergency kit for unexpected situations. The kit may include items like orthodontic wax, rubber bands, and essential tools. Watch our video on what to include in your braces kit for on-the-go readiness.

Dealing with Major Orthodontic Emergencies:

While rare, major orthodontic emergencies can occur. Examples include:

  • Severe oral or facial pain.
  • Swollen or infected gums or significant facial swelling.
  • Traumatic injuries to the mouth, teeth, or face.

In the unlikely event that you experience any of these major emergencies, contact our office immediately to schedule an emergency appointment. However, if the issue affects more than just your orthodontic appliance (e.g., a severe injury), prioritise your overall health by seeking medical attention, such as visiting the emergency room. After receiving medical treatment, please contact us so that we can address any orthodontic concerns.

Share Your Orthodontic Emergency Plan:

If you have questions about how to safeguard your braces or need additional guidance on preparing for emergencies, we’re here to help. We can also provide you with extra orthodontic wax and rubber bands to enhance your orthodontic emergency kit.

Seeking Qualified Orthodontic Care?

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