Payment & Finance terms and conditions:

Payments & Deposits:

  1. Payment for treatment is due prior or at the time the services are provided. Deposits are required for certain treatment or appointments. Deposit amount differs dependant on the type of treatment &/or financial plan you apply for.
  2. We accept most credit and debit cards (including EFTPOS, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, direct deposit and, of course, cash.)
  3. If you have dental insurance cover, we have Hicaps, which allows us to claim directly from your insurer the day services are provided.

Payment/Finance Plans:

  1. All financial plans must be approved and in place prior to commencement of treatment.
  2. It’s the patient’s responsibility to be aware of associated fees and charges when it comes to any financial plans
  3. Patients should not assume the clinic’s responsibility for Payment plan related disputes or issues as Payment plans are offered by a third-party provider.
  4. It’s a patient’s responsibility to consider their financial condition or situation before applying for the payment plan.
  5. It’s the patient’s responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions of the payment plans offered by external financial companies.
  6. Patients using payment plan options have to resolve payment-related disputes such as failure to pay or extension for payment by raising directly with the appropriate payment plan providers.
  7. The clinic is not liable for any financial difficulty the patient may face which is directly or indirectly related to payment plans.
  8. It’s the patient’s responsibility to inform the payment plan provider where the patient decides to cease or amend ongoing treatment.

Refund Policy:

  1. Please be sure to also review our cancellation policy.
  2. No refunds can be processed without discussion and approval from your treating dentist. If you have any concerns, call us to make a time to discuss with your dentist.
  3. Any request for refund requires a full audit of your account by our specialist accounts team.
  4. To avoid errors, refund requests are to be in writing & emailed to along with your bank account details including Bank name, BSB, account number and name on account.
  5. Should a refund be applicable for whatever circumstance, and upon receipt email of your bank details, our Front Office team will commence the refund process for our accounts team & payment will be made via direct deposit within 21 days.
  6. An email will be sent to you once the refund is processed on your account. If you have not received your refund in 30 days, please contact us.