Not all Dentists are the Same

Health Funds And Dental Care

It’s important that you look under the bonnet to ensure you make the best choices for you – not for your Health Fund.

We believe in providing you with transparency in the Quality and Care we provide you at Diamond Dental Care.

It’s therefore important to understand what your options are in regards to Preferred Health Fund Providers and Health Funds options.

Take the Australian Dental Association Test to see how much money your actually getting back today.

Preferred Provider – who are they?

  • Many Dental Practices have taken up contracted provider schemes with Health Insurance Funds, where an agreed fee is charged to patients for treatment. Dental practices agree to this with the hope to receive more patients.
  • Fixed Price Treatment may limit the time, type and quality of service you receive. This in effect may dictate the treatment you receive as opposed to the treatment you actually require.
  • Preferred Provider status may also limit the number of claimable services in the same calendar year compared to an unaffiliated provider.

We have your interests at Heart.

Diamond Dental Care will never compromise on the quality of your total Oral Health. We provide you with the Care, Quality and Choices you deserve for long term Oral Health.

Don’t just take our word for it. Diamond Dental Care’s belief is in line with that of the Australian Dental Association, who states:

“Health Funds set their rebates at a level that suits their commercial needs. Those rebates are not related to any recognised fee scale”

Many Health Funds are owned by private enterprises, and as such are required to make a reasonable return on their investment. Ideally, Health Funds want customers who pay their premiums to claim as little as possible. To do this, Health Funds contract Dentists who can ensure Health Funds remain profitable.

Dental practices who are dictated by health funds often reduce their quality of service, offer less services and cannot adequately meet the patient concerns and dental needs in their appointment time. This ultimately impacts on the overall care, quality and level of treatment you receive.

The Australian Dental Association has been actively advocating that you as consumers of Private Health Care get better visibility of what your fees are going towards and what your true entitlements are. With increasing fees and declining benefits, it’s important that you can make informed decisions about the value you receive from Health Funds.

Diamond Dental Care provides flexible payment options to ensure you receive the dental treatment you need and deserve. We are also passionate about providing quality care using advanced technologies executed with extreme precision, and adhering to strict infection control protocols to ensure delivery of the highest standard in patient safety.

No matter who your health fund is you will receive the length of appointment and level of care at Diamond Dental Care. Your friendly, local dentists in Sippy Downs.