Is it Worth Leaving Buderim To See A Dentist?

One particular sector of the market we enjoy serving is the elderly. Buderim has seen a recent influx in retirement-aged residents, as it is close to the beach, has all the modern conveniences one could hope for and affordable homes. There are also a lot of dentists in Buderim. So how do you choose?

We believe some of the most important considerations when choosing a dentist are the quality of service provided, the atmosphere of the clinic (how you feel when you are there), convenience and price. So, is it worth leaving Buderim for a dentist in Sippy Downs, Forest Glen, or other surrounding suburbs?

Let’s take a look at these points before you make up your mind.

Why Choose Diamond Dental?

A common way to choose a service these days is to search for reviews on Google. We currently have a 5-star rating, which is as high as possible. Experience is another important part of quality assurance. Dr Doug Leishmann and his team have many years’ experience at many different dental procedures. You can count on them for great advice and quality dental care.

Next is convenience. Everyone is busy these days, so we know it is important. Now, when it comes to convenience, we don’t just mean easy parking or shops nearby. Although this can be found at our clinic in Sippy Downs. Convenience also extends to the services offered. Not all dentists can provide specialist services. There are a lot less dental implant clinics or orthodontists in Buderim than there are general dentists for example. Having to go to specialists for different dental treatments can mean a trip to Maroochydore or other areas. Being able to count on the dentist you trust for all dental procedures is a big bonus.

The Best Dental Practice For Anxious Patients 

Diamond Dental Care and Implant Centre is also known as being great for those with anxiety about visiting a dentist. Our whole team from reception to the dentists themselves focus on making patients in our clinic feel at ease.

All of this is offered at a fair price that might not be available in a clinic in Buderim where the rent could be higher for example. We also offer holistic dental solutions such as amalgam-free fillings and fluoride-free treatments for those that prefer these choices.

The choice of whether it is worth leaving Buderim (it's just a short drive down the hill anyway) to visit our dental clinic will always be up to you. But we are confident if you do come to visit us, you will appreciate the effort we go to, so our patients feel cared for, every time they visit.

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