Why We love Serving The Community Of Buderim

As we all know, Buderim is the largest suburb as far as population goes on the Sunshine Coast. It is also one of the older suburbs and plays a huge role in the local economy. People choose to live there because it has a great central location, it is close to the coast, is elevated and has a great sense of community. 

Many of our dental patients come from Buderim. It is a short drive away and coming down to Sippy Downs is often a bit of a relief, away from the hustle and bustle of Main St. So while we are not in Buderim we are a popular choice as family dental check-ups and also for more complicated dental procedures

A Family-Oriented Neighbourhood

Buderim retains quote a local feel, even though it is such a large suburb. There are many community events there, and it has a real family-oriented vibe. In recent years, there has also been a growing amount of retirement villages open in Buderim, again adding to the supportive local feel.

All of the suburbs around Buderim are also growing, as the fight for flat land begins to dry up on the hill. Sippy Downs, Forest Glen, and Kunda Park are all becoming extensions of Buderim, as the heart of the Sunshine Coast population. This area is much less touristy than the coastal suburbs.

Being a family dentist Buderim mums and dads have chosen to look after their teeth and those of their kids, we really feel part of that community. It is great to see children grow up in the area, with such a wonderful lifestyle available to them.

Buderim And Sippy Downs

Along with the University of the Sunshine Coast, there are lots of schools nearby, and we treat children from almost all of them. Sippy downs is definitely growing fast, and it has a different feel to Buderim. Much more relaxed, with wider streets and less traffic. 

The café scene here is not as vibrant as Buderim, but parking is a lot easier to manage. 

Sippy Downs will always be closely linked with Buderim. We hope our side of the hill will grow to have the positive, family-focused feel that Buderim has too.

Below - a photo of the beautiful Waterfall within the Buderim Forest Park.

buderim forest waterfall photo

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