How To Choose The Best Dentist On The Sunshine Coast

Many people search for the best dentist on The Sunshine Coast. But what does that actually mean? There are a number of factors to consider, and the best dental clinic for one person, may not be the same as another.

Some of the main things to think about could be location, opening hours, the experience of our dental team, philosophy of the dentists, quality of equipment, whether they are affiliated to any health fund, bulk billing options, and the variety of services they offer. 

We will run through some of these points below and they may help you decide which dental clinic on The Sunshine Coast is the best for you.

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Dental Clinic's Location

Usually, when it comes to visiting a dentist, the important thing about the location is “convenience”. If you live in Caloundra, and you know of a good dental clinic in Noosaville, then that might be a bit too much of a drive for you, especially if you need multiple visits for a more complex procedure.

Another consideration with location is traffic and parking. A dentist smack in the middle of Maroochydore or Cotton Tree might be difficult to park near. If you have children or are an elderly patient, then this will be more important for you. 

At our dental clinic in Sippy Downs, for example, you can almost always part right out front. However, there are also all the common stores around, such as Woolworths, pharmacies, the post office, bottle shop, and cafes within easy walking distance.

Practice's Opening Hours

For some patients, it is difficult to visit the dentist during business hours. With children in school, it can also be complicated to get them to a dentist, aside from between 3.30 and 5.30 in the afternoon. 

A dental clinic that is open on Saturday or offers some later evening services during the week might be a better option for you if Monday to Friday visits is hard to make.

Experience or Skill of the Dentist

Being worried about a dental appointment is not an uncommon thing. When you know that your dentist is a good one, then the stress or fear will surely be lowered. An experienced and passionate dentist is more likely to provide a more comfortable visit.

They can also offer you better advice on how to fix problems or how to deal with children’s dental issues. Instead of just rushing in and pulling teeth, for example, the best dentist might recommend waiting to see how your child’s teeth develop.

Dental Clinic Philosophy

You may be shocked to hear that some dental clinics are run with profit at the forefront of their mind. They may even have quotas or targets to meet when it comes to certain procedures. We think this is shocking too, but it happens.

At Diamond Dental Care and Implant Centre, the customer's best interests will always be the point of focus. We provide options to suit different beliefs about procedures. Of course, we give our advice based on experience, but it is honest advice as if the patient’s teeth were our own.

Quality of Dental Equipment

If you want to visit the best dentist on The Sunshine Coast, then they must have modern equipment. The dental field is progressing very quickly as new technology is developed faster than ever. the best dentists will have the latest tools and machinery. 

This gives the patient the best chance of accurate diagnosis and often less painful and more effective treatments.

Health Fund Affiliation

Most patients these days have some sort of personal health insurance and the extras usually extend to dental. Claiming them is not always simple, however. A good dentist choice for you might include one that accepts health fund cards that instantly process your refund.

Having said that, some dentists are like a franchise for a health fund. These are often highly profit-driven and we would recommend avoiding them.

Bulk Billing / CDBS Access

If you have children, you may be able to claim on the child dental benefits scheme. This is where children have access to up to one thousand dollars per annum for certain dental procedures. 

Medicare benefits and health care cardholders can also get instant refunds with many dentists, such as at our clinic. This can make a big difference to the cost and therefore, what you might consider the best dentist for you.

For more information on our payment plans, check our payment plans page.

Variety Of Services

Some dentists can offer many different services, such as dental implants, braces, teeth whitening, and more. Other dental clinics might have to refer you to a specialist for complex procedures.

It might be inconvenient to be referred to another clinic for all or part of a dental procedure. Plus the dentist might get a referral fee, which means they might not send you to the best orthodontist or periodontist for example.

A complete service in house is more convenient and often feels like a more caring, safe option.

Friendly Staff

Last but not least, and how could one forget, the reception staff (and the waiting room). Being welcomed by a smiling face as you arrive at the dentist can help set your mind at ease. We are located in a spacious modern building, with entertainment for the kids too. 

Our staff will welcome you, offer you a drink, and make sure you feel comfortable. They will help you navigate any paperwork as efficiently as possible and take care of any admin needs for you.

We hope that helps you understand some of the things that separate the best dental clinics, from an average ones. 

If you are on Google searching, “best dentist sunshine coast” and have any questions for us, then don’t be shy to call. After all, service makes all the difference.

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