Advanced technology

Advanced technology

Just as technology has improved other areas of health care, new developments in dental care have brought incredible patient benefits.

As part of our ongoing commitment to dental excellence, at Diamond Dental Care we continue to invest in state-of-the-art dental technology. Please contact our friendly team on (07) 5477 0889 for further information or advice.

Please click below for more details on some of the technologies we use:

This clever bit of kit allows us to work miracles with ease, pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve and making some previously tricky procedures a piece of cake.

Improved outcomes all round.

Why doesn’t every dentist have one?!

Using the latest imaging techniques and equipment allows you to see exactly what we see - a tremendous aid in diagnosis and patient education. We can show you examples of our treatment outcomes and illustrate the consequences of not undergoing treatment from our vast library of pictures. Digital photography also allows us to monitor minor changes that may take place between visits, so that we can react quickly and appropriately.

Our computer-based x-ray system produces instant pictures of brilliant quality direct to our monitors and replaces old-fashioned x-ray film. Digital technology means fewer x-rays are needed and more information is available.

To help our patients become better informed about dental treatments, we use a multimedia patient education program called Guru. This allows a patient to watch short audio-visual programmes on any dental subject they choose. Using language that is easily understood and illustrated by high quality photographs and graphics, patients become well informed about their dental treatment and the alternatives available.

Using magnification and maximum illumination, we can see even the finest details. As a result we are able to work even more gently and precisely and, most importantly, obtain better outcomes from your treatment.

Please don’t be shy about accepting our noise cancelling headphones so you can enjoy a movie or your favourite TV show on our ceiling mounted HD LCD TV’s! Our patients tell us that their appointments fly by, thanks to the welcome distraction. We also have Apple TV with Netflix and Stan, or why not bring your own music in?

“The most sophisticated root canal filling device available in the world of endodontics today” according to Stephen Buchanan, guru of endodontics. And we have one!

Computerised orthodontic tools provide us with the capability to make the most effective and detailed diagnosis; in turn informing the best treatment outcomes.

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